Incase Ari Marcopoulos Bag Review

I've had the Incase Ari Marcopoulos bag a little over a year now. I've put it to good use during that time, i've used it during weddings and commercial shoots, shoots that are longer than your average hour or so outdoor portrait session.

I like that it doesn't look like your standard ugly all black/gray camera sling bag. My Lowepro 400AW is an example of a bag that has a very functional look.

I almost always will bring my gear to a shoot in my Pelican 1514 case. If the shoot involves walking and not having the option to use the rolling Pelican case, i'll transfer whatever gear i need to the Ari bag.

For being a smaller bag, it holds quite a bit of gear. It can hold the following and still manage to zip shut:

  • D800 with MB-D12 grip
  • 35mm 1.4
  • 50mm 1.4
  • 12-24mm or 24-70mm
  • SB-700
  • CF card reader
  • Think Tank DSLR battery holder
  • Think Tank CF card holder
  • Various accessories in the small pocket (business cards, pens, earbuds, cables).
  • 13'' Macbook Air
  • Macbook Charger in Think Tank PowerHouse Air case
  • Small Moleskine notebook
  • iPhone 6
  • Small iPhone battery charger

The thick padded strap is really comfortable. I'm usually not a fan of messenger style bags due to the single strap design being uncomfortable, but the strap on the Ari bag is awesome.

Two adjustable straps on the bottom to hold a tripod or monopod. I've used the straps to hold a rain shell that i didn't want to put inside of the bag.

Underneath the straps is a small compartment that holds the removable rain cover.

Covered YKK zipper pulls, the covered pulls are a nice touch. They're handy for when you don't want to make noise during a shoot, like a wedding.

Zippered pouch inside the main compartment. I usually keep some business cards, pens, markers, and in-ear monitors in here.

Faux-fur interior compartment that is accessible through the front flap. My phone is normally in here during a shoot. It's also big enough to hold a point and shoot or small rangefinder.

A set of six grayscale swatches are on the back side of the bag. They might come in handy if you're shooting in an oddly lit environment, just photograph the back and set your white balance later on in post processing.

The $199 price tag on the Ari bag is a bit high compared to other sling bags in the same category. The price difference is worth it if you don't want a typical ugly camera sling bag. 

If you check Amazon and B&H often, the price of the bag will randomly go down to $160ish.

Snag the bag at:
Amazon // B&H

Bag designed by Tim Wall for Incase.



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